“Inventive…Intuitive… and highly intelligent. He is my first choice of Directors.”
Michelle Mahoney, Executive Producer FUSE Networks

“This lighting is beautiful. More close ups!”
Brett Freedman make-up artist for Reba McEntire on the set of AOL Sessions 2009

“He is like a light whisperer. His knowledge of lighting creates an
entirely new dimension with our creative.”
Food Network Executive


With nearly 20 years in production, Marc’s directorial and DP experience includes commercials, television, music videos, promotion spots, live concerts, music shows fashion, beauty, and corporate projects.

Recent highlights:

  • NBC’s 30 Rock: Live Episode
  • AOL’s music show Sessions from New York City including the most viewed
    concerts Beyonce, Keith Urban and Alicia Keys.
  • Bravo’s Homemade Millionaire with Kelly Ripa
  • Food Network’s IRON CHEF food beauty shots
  • FUSE #1 Countdown Series.
  • Season 2 of the Katie Brown Television Series on PBS.
  • Season 2 of Discovery Network’s Party Girl series.

His commercial credits include:

  • The national “Smart Call” campaign for the IDT phone company.
  •  A music video based commercial with the band Velvet Revolver.
  • Several spots for the New York Rangers hockey team.
  • He is proud to have been the Director of Photography on nine of the “Truth” campaign’s anti-smoking spots, including the highly acclaimed “Body Bag” spot, in which 16 cameras were utilized. 
  • He has DP’d spots for Target, Sony Playstation, and Holiday Inn Express.

Marc’s expertise goes beyond being able to direct, light and shoot. His demeanor
and ability to work with executives and celebrities alike, and to manage the delicate
working relationship that entails, is a rare gift. He is incredibly professional and
upbeat on set, as well as an intrepid adventurer. Drawing from a background that
includes still photography, lighting design and music, Marc’s ability to combine
creative and technical elements allows clients to push the envelope of production.
From 35mm Film and High Definition Video to Digital Photography, he is
knowledgeable in a wide array formats. His passion for giving the client their vision
via their direction or collaboration is what drives his success.


Additional Select Credits:

Awards: Emmy Awards (2):

2004 Show Open/Tease 
ABC World Figure Skating Championship with the cast of STOMP
Outstanding Achievement in Production Design / Art Direction

2002 Olympic Winter Games: Salt Lake City
NBC Special Features Unit
Outstanding Technical Team / Camera

Emmy Award Nominations (4):

2011 NBC’s 30 Rock: Live Episode
Outstanding Direction, Camerawork and Video Control for a Series

2004 MTV Video Music Awards
Outstanding Technical Direction and Camerawork

2004 ABC World Figure Skating Championships with the cast of STOMP
Best Open / Tease

2004 ABC World Figure Skating Championships with the cast of STOMP
Post Production

Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Prize:
            Best Sports Program Opening Montage
            Stomp / ABC Sports:  World Figure Skating Championship; Show Open

           Voting Member of National Academy of Television Arts & Science (Emmys)
           Voting Member of Recording Academy (Grammys)
           Member of I.A.T.S.E Local 600 Cinematographer’s Guild

IDT:  Smart Call Campaign
         Purse Snatcher

NY Rangers:
         Alex Kovelov
         Real Estate

Truth:  (The American Legacy Foundation, Anti Smoking Campaign)
         Lie Detector
         Fire Engine

Holiday Inn:  Skydiving
Target Superstore
Sony Playstation
Seventeen Magazine

ABC Sports:
Velvet Revolver Commercial / Music Video
Stomp / World Figure Skating Open
Monday Night Football Open & Promos
Kentucky Derby Open
Horse Racing Open & Bumpers
Heisman Awards Open
Little League World Series Tease

Homemade Millionaire with Kelly Ripa

Discovery Networks:
Party Girl
Everest: Beyond the Limit – Promo

NBC Primetime:
30 Rock (Live Episode)

NBC Sports:
Special Features Unit: 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City
Olympic Profiles: 2004, 2002, 2000, 1996

X-Games:  Athlete Profiles
Sunday Night Football (Open & Promos)
NBA Playoffs: Show Open and Promos
Women’s Basketball Final Four (Open & Promos)
Great Outdoor Games (Open & Promos)

Food Network:
Iron Chef America (5 Seasons)
Ten Dollar Dinners

Video Music Awards (7 shows)
House of Style
MTV Sports
Beach House
MTV Jams
MTV News

DMC: My Adoption Journey
Behind the Music
100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll
Vogue Fashion Awards
Victoria’s Secret Models Present

Katie Brown Workshop

Discovery Channel: Discovery Kids Network
Discovery Channel: Everest: Beyond the Limit
MTV: Safe Sex PSA (dir. Joel Schumacher)
MTV: “Let the People Speak”; Def Jam CD Contest
History Channel

U2: Vertigo Tour
HBO: Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden – Show Open and Backstage
Alicia Keys: As I Am Concert DVD
Rob Thomas: Live concert video for “This is how a heart breaks”
AOL: Sessions
         Alicia Keys
         John Legend
         The Roots
         Keith Urban
         Reba McEntyre
         Sheryl Crow
         Elvis Costello
Plastic Ono Band Reunion Concert
Fuse: On The Record, Chronichles, #1 Countdown, Top 20
Hope For Haiti Now

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: Image campaign 1996 – Present
Chanel: Image Campaign, Training Video
Victoria’s Secret: Image Campaign, Fashion Show Interstitials
Clinique: Promotional Elements and Training Videos
Elie Tahari - Promos     212.380.1500